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An informal and fun get-together for Rover collectors, enthusiasts, and friends alike.

RA is not a club; it is more of a meeting point for North American Rover owners. That said, WE do strongly recommend you join as many Rover clubs as possible both here and abroad. The owning and restoration of a Rover really says more about what you feel is import in life than it is about a classic car. So, supporting the Marquee is naturally a part of the mission of RA. Go to the Links page to see the various membership pages for clubs worldwide. I personally belong to most of the North American clubs as well as many of the UK sites. However, one strong recommendation I have for you is to join the “Rover Car Club Of Canada (RCCC)”. The RCCC sponsors the “Rovernet” the pipeline to communications Rover. I just don’t think many of us would have our cars on the road today without this access. While this resource has been provided freely to all who wish to take part, I feel joining RCCC is a wonderful way to support this resource regardless of where you live. Besides that, they are just good people!!!!

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